• Daniel Gerhardt

    Freelance 3d Artist

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    Daniel is a freelance animator / 3D generalist. With skills in rigging, modelling, lighting and animation. He can take on your projects big of small. With a vast network of connections he can provide the quality you want with the manpower needed to make it happen.


    Daniel has over 12 years experience in 3d and animation, ranging from TV commercials, feature film animation to medial animation. He has worked at some of the biggest visual effects studios in the world including Framestore London and Weta in Wellington New Zealand.


    Graduating with a degree in computer animation from Bournemouth University in 2002 he didn't stop there, he also graduated from AnimationMentor.com in 2006, always pushing comfort zone in an effort to improve his skills.


    After an extended time working in feature films internationally, including two VFX Acadamy awards and two Bafta awards he is now freelance working in all areas of 3D animation. 


    Currently working for clients in the pharmaceutical visualisation and motion graphics areas. He has responsibilities in almost all areas of 3D production after storyboarding. Modelling, Lighting, Particles, from character / cartoony to ultra realism.


  • 3D Animation

    10 Years of feature film animation, VFX, CG feature animation and character animation.


    Breakdown of my contribution to each shot is under each video.


    All character animation work. No motion capture was used.

    Golden Compass

    All bear animation and some body double animation on long run shots.


    All lion animation

    Guardians of the galaxy

    Animations of Rocket the racoon and Groot the tree. No motion capture used.

  • 3D All rounder

    From medical visualisation to architectural renders and motion graphics super fly throughs. Dan can do it all for your project.

    Pharmaceutical visualisation

    The above animation was provided for Bluedog.com After the initial story boarding was done Daniel directed, modelled, rigged, light and animated the above animation visualising a new drugs interaction with cancer cells and blood vessels.


    Green screen effects and animation

    Directed and crafted for Bluedog.com again. Daniel over saw the green screen filming, edit and all special effects for protein synthesis.

  • After Effects

    Daniel can provide expert design skills and motion editing to bring your videos the next level edge they need. Providing a keen eye for timing, composition and pezaz. 

    Joy of Hooping

    For videos and stuff


    For promotional stuff

  • Where can we find him.

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